This page is intended to help explain how cider is talked about.


  • ABV – Alcohol By Volume (Alcohol Strength in beverage)
  • CO2 – Carbon Dioxide (bubbles)
  • Keeved – (A complicated process to say the least) The sediments of the fermentation process are compounded in the fermentation vessel (top of vessel or bottom) with the benefit of a clear and nutrient deficient juice with full flavors and low ABV. Short answer – Tasty.
  • Sessionable – Suitable to have a few servings in a row given low ABV of certain ciders. Or, maybe, they are real tasty.
  • SV – Single Varietal (One specific kind of fruit used only) eg. – only Gravenstein apples are used. We have heard of single tree varietals, where only the fruit of a single tree is used for that particular cider. Dude.
  • Tannins – A flavor or flavors in food, often noted as bitterness and astringency, as well as adding complexity. Classic black tea flavor/mouthfeel.
  • Terroir – Characteristic taste and flavor imparted to a cider by the environment in which it is produced. (where the apples are grown or the cider is made can really show up!)



  • Cider Vocabulary Guide – Cider borrows some words from wine, some from beer, and some are unique to cider. The language around cider is rich, but it is largely unknown to consumers.
  • provides consumers with the information and tools to make their voice heard on policy and legislative initiatives that support open and free markets in wine.